Let's build your lead generation ecosystem

Meet two of the top modern-day marketing consultants that have teamed up to help coaches and consultants plan, build and launch powerful lead generation campaigns that fuel growth, on-demand.


Welcome to stress-free marketing

Seriously, embarking on any new journey in business can be equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking, let's work together to make sure this is the earlier of the two.

Whether you sell a product, program or service - marketing is the machine that fuels true growth - and we help you do just that through a fine-tuned balance of consultation and implementation, ensuring that your ultimate lead generation campaign is up and running within just a few short weeks.

This short but important page will give crystal-clear insight around our proprietary processes that have been refined and honed over the past 7 years spent in the trenches.

After building every type of lead generation campaign under the sun, what we've found to consistently work better than anything else before it is simple but powerful PDF downloads.

It's within these crafted downloads, that we un-pack the intellectual property behind your products, programs or services and leverage visual roadmaps and diagrams that clearly convey who you help, why and how.

And today, we're here to help you do the same.

Meet your consulting team

Chris Murray

Founder of Lead Republic

Melbourne - Australia

A two-time recipient of the "2 Comma Club" award (generating over $1 Million in sales through a single funnel of our own), We also work closely on ClickFunnels' high-value internal projects. Accolades aside, Chris and the whole Lead Republic team proudly provide close working relationships and funnel support for some of the industries elite personalities such as Nicholas Kusmich, Russell Brunson and Frank Kern, personally building and optimising their funnels and providing advisory to their top-tier clients and students.

Chris Chung

Founder of Locate 852

Hong Kong - China

Hong Kong's leading Facebook Ads Strategist - Who helps high growth companies including industry leaders, influencers, experts and consultants. He has worked with industry elites such as Kevin O’Leary, Cardone Ventures, David Meltzer, John Foley and many more. Whether it be through our done for you Facebook Advertising Campaign client work, consulting, or strategic training session.

Combined, our strategies have been battle-tested through over 7 years of trial, error, split testing and conversion rate optimisation - spending hundreds of thousands of our own dollars figuring out what works - resulting in over $28M in revenue from our marketing efforts for our partnered clients in the last few years.

It's our personal mission to put your product or program's best foot forward by creating a powerful lead generation ecosystem built to produce the best results possible.

We also believe the keyword here truly is 'ecosystem'. Ads, funnels, lead magnets and email sequences are all but small individual pieces of the lead generation puzzle.

Our 9 step process is the puzzle itself - strategically pulling each piece perfectly in place to create a system that feeds your calendar, pipelines and programs, on-demand.

“So many firms today claim to be “digital marketing experts” yet most of them I come across fail to ever deliver. Chris Chung and Chris Murray are the only two that have proven to consistently deliver quantitative results and actually possess the expertise to help profitably scale my brand, products, and services using Facebook and Instagram advertising.”

David Meltzer

Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Our System

What we're building together

Below you'll find a wireframe of our proprietary 'Leadgen Launchpad' strategy that we use to capture, nurture and convert a predictable flood of qualified prospects into your calendars, pipelines and programs.

The Magnet

The IP behind your program packaged into visual diagrams inside a simple, actionable, goal orientated and actionable (SAGE) PDF download.

The Funnel

A pixel-perfect funnel that exchanges name, email and phone in exchange for the download, moving through an Amplifer to schedule a conversion call or checkout.

The Amplifier

A 7-pillar scripted video tailored to amplify your authority, deliver value, put your magnet in context and inspires the next step (call/checkout).

The Call

A value-orientated sales or triage call that is positioned as the next 'logical step' in their journey where we formulate a prescriptive selling framework to follow.

The Nurture Content

Followup is everything. We create a 60-day followup sequence split across retargeting ads, emails and SMS to stay top of mind and maximise your results.

The Ads

The fuel to the growth engine. We provide comprehensive cold, warm and hot traffic campaigns to your team or implement for you. (optional)

The end result? A powerful lead generation campaign hand-built to fuel growth for years to come.

Our Process

What we're doing

Below is the 9 step (3 phase) process that we follow to unpack and re-pack your intellectual property into powerful lead generation strategies laden with contextual content.

Phase 1: Plan

Intake Form + 1 hour consultation

Timeline: 1 week

Just as all battles are won and lost in planning, so too are successful campaigns. We start with an intake form to capture the essentials, followed up with a live 1-hour discovery call where we uncover deep insights about your metrics, avatar, messaging and product/program.

01: Perfect Avatar

A deep dive into exactly who it is we're talking to, why and how.

02: Market Message

Get clarity around how we're talking to the avatar with our market message.

03: Product Roadmap

Breaking down your product or program into steps, stages and journey.

Phase 2: Build

30min checkin call

Timeline: 2 weeks

The only thing more powerful than information, is implementation. Phase 2 is where our team takes the reins to turn our detailed groundwork and planning into action. Lead magnet, funnel content and video scripts that position your offer as "too good to refuse".

04: Lead Magnet

We take your product IP and turn into a powerful visual PDF download.

05: Authority Script

We craft your Authority Amplifier script following a 7 pillar framework for you to record.

06: Perfect Funnel

Pull it all together into a pixel-perfect, high performance funnel.

Phase 3: Launch

30min checkin call

Timeline: 1 week

Where the ecosystem comes to life - adding powerful content that has context. Phase 3 heavily revolves around building out your followup and nurture systems, in addition to 'health checking' your sales process.

07: Content Machine

We create several days worth of followup email and retargeting nurture assets.

08: Conversion Call

A health check of your prescriptive selling processes and systems.

09: Ad Build

Formulating your cold, warm and hot traffic campaigns for handoff or implementation.

Done for you, start to finish

Total project timeline: 4 weeks

Quite often we will have projects in the final stages by week 3, however, it's always best to have buffers in place for unforeseen road bumps. Aspects of this project will depend on a timely response in questions, requests or assets we may require from you. Delays in these will quickly push project development back.

How we work

How we do it

Below we've put together a collection of 'rules' around the way we work - that helps us knock each project out of the park so there are no surprises down the line.


We use Slack for quick and easy comms which you'll be invited to a shared channel. Additionally, we promote a healthy work/life balance - active during AEST business hours and days.


Project fees are required to be paid up-front. You will have the option to keep our services on an ongoing basis after the initial funnel build however, this is 100% optional.


Any elements that come up as the project develops that are deemed out of scope (not on this page) will be quoted on, or we will recommend a team that will be able fulfil this.


We work on a basis of mutual trust and respect. Breach in either of these towards any of our team will terminate the project.


We work best with those who are passionate about creating change & impact, it's what ignites our own passion!


We value transparency above all else and keep you informed of our progress and results at every turn.


Any investment carries inherent risk. We can't directly guarantee results (see the next column), only follow best practices with what we know works and analyse data gathered.


We're built on word of mouth and reputation and guarantee we will do everything possible to maximise your results even if we have to pivot strategy and add new funnels.

Tech Platforms

We build every campaign inside our own custom white labelled CRM system that houses the funnel, automation sequences, sales pipeline, calendar booking and more.

The Package

The finer details of the LeadGen Launchpad package

Full Funnel Build

A-Z, 100% done for you

4-step lead generation funnel

Fully hosted CRM system

All content copywriting

Email nurture & automation

Sales pipeline tracking CRM

Authority Amplifier video scripts

FB & IG ad campaign strategy build

Strategic Consulting

Tailored to your goals

Tailored advertising strategy

Guided campaign setup & structure

Fair-testing process

Interpreting & optimising your results

Scaling without compromising ROI

Regular AMA consulting calls

Skiping the dummy-tax we paid

Getting started

Exactly what happens next


Let's connect over a quick and painless discovery call to ensure that we're a great fit to make magic happen.


Next, you'll get a confirmation email with a short and sweet intake form to grab the essentials.


Lastly, you'll receive a calendar scheduling link to book a time for our deep dive discovery call!

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